Independent Captive Management Services S.A. ( “ICMS” ):

Has been constistuted as a joint venture between Guy Roelandt and Energy Consultants & Actuaries ( www.energy-cal.lu and www.energy-ca.be ).

Incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on December 19, 2012

RCSL: B173847

Siège social: 4, ancienne route d’Arlon, Windhof Business Center , L-8399 Windhof

Agreed as Authorised Reinsurer Manager by the Commissariat aux Assurances on behalf of the Minister of Economy

Board Members of ICMS sa are:

As owners:

Guy Roelandt: Managing Director DJB & Partners , Chairmon ComProf at IABE, former CEO at Belfius Insurance, Actuary

Bert Bouton: Former Managing Director Energy C.A. Luxembourg S.A., former CEO of The Hartford Luxembourg S.A. and ZA Verzekeringen NV, member of Technical Committee Professionnel du Secteur de l' Assurance (PSA) at Commissariat aux Assurances Luxembourg.

Philippe Neyt: Commercial director Corona direct - Member of the board  2000 – 2020

As Independent Board Members:

Frank Wagener: former CEO BIL , President of the Board of La Bourse de Luxembourg and board member of several others companies and associations amongst others President of the Board of the Fondation François-Elisabeth. 

Our ambition is:

To leverage on our personal professional experience as insurance technicians and executive manager in order to provide guidance to the managers and owners of Medium Entreprises with respect to Risk Management.

“No company can make a profit without taking risk. And yet taking risks without consciously managing those risks can lead to the downfall of organisations. “